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February 12, 2010

First pics of Blocos/Babuino programming class

Great news!

These are pics of the first programming classes with Blocos and Babuino.
I'm sure both Babuino and Blocos teams are proud of that.
We will keep doing our work to provide all of you with the best, free Logo programming environment.


- Blocos is part of Br-GoGo Project. For more information about Blocos please visit Br-GoGo website here.


  1. Hello. I am going to teach children at school. It will be something like "introductory course in electronics & robotics". I think to use Arduino for nine or ten graders. But there is a lot of third, fourth graders who also want to "build the robot". School where I will teach has no LEGO kits or something, but they could buy a lot of Arduino controllers. So I have a question - how old are these children on the photo? Are there any problems with LOGO language education process? And are they interested in?

    PS Some information about me: this is my first job as a tutor and actually I have degree in the field of electronics engineering.

    I would be very grateful if you'll answer me.
    Regards, Igor Ilmarsen.

  2. i found these same pictures on another site. as far as i remember the girl in the second picture was a fourth grader