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January 17, 2010

Babuino v0.3


We are back again after a long time of inactive. And we have some great news.
Now we are a team working in code development and we plan to work on new features for Babuino, including the capability to have configurable pin functions and peripherals.

In addition, we are releasing a new test version of Babuino firmware. V0.3 features Logo Code storage to EEPROM and some bug fixes. (Thank you Jim for your great work!) This version has been tested with Blocos.

We will soon have some posts about the first course on Robotics for kids using Babuino.

Thank you all!


  1. Hello Very nice work..!!
    but we still lack the source code. it would be easier to collaborate..

  2. Hello Dirakx

    Join our Yahoo discussion group. We can discuss the development and I can open the source code to people who would like to collaborate.