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November 16, 2009

Babuino Modbus Master

New Babuino Firmware v0.2 supporting Modbus Master is available for download in our Yahoo discussion group.
Fell free to download and try it!

Babuino Firmware v0.2 download.


Babuino schematics updated


This schematics shows UART Tx and Rx pins used for Modbus communication. Babuino as Modbus Master is available in Babuino Firmware V0.2 (uploaded to Yahoo group).
In addition to Modbus master, this new version supports commands to write to/ read from memory. See usage example in post regarding Modbus configuration.

November 09, 2009


This is another Babuino project.

Babuinobot is a robot created by Brett Nelson (USA). He and his son have been programming Babuino with iconic softwares Logo Blocks and CTI Blocos.

Good job, Brett!