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October 06, 2009

Babuino Project vs INEX

As you all know we have been working in a LOGO interpreter for Arduino board. The platform is compatible with some softwares available for download somewhere in web.

Today INEX requested me to remove the link to their website. Their argument is that LOGOBLOCKS is a software dedicated to their iBOX hardware.

See the e-mail below:

Dear Sir,

it has came to our knowledge that you have used our software from our website WITHOUT any permission from us whatsoever.
We request that you remove our i-BOX III 1.31 (text + blocks) download link from your website immedaitely ,
before we take action on this.

Please be reminded that the i-BOX III 1.31 (text + blocks) software is only allowed to be used with our IBOX as in its license.

Much Thanks

And after my reply I received a second e-mail:

Dear Sir,

i-BOX III is inex production and LOGOBLOCKS is dedicated to IBOX-III and not your board

We request again that you remove our link from your website


We will keep working on our project and I know we will do a great, FREE platform.
In addition to this, we will soon anounce new partner that will join our project providing us with a Iconic software compatible with our platform.

Thank you.

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