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October 18, 2009

Babuino new feature: Modbus - More than a robot

After a long time of inactivity here we are again.

Following our plan to expand Babuino capabilities beyond Handy Cricket and Gogo Board we are introducing Modbus communication protocol in Babuino Project.

Now it is possible to program Babuino, configure it as a Modbus Master using all softwares discussed in previous posts, and have it working in a Modbus network. You can use your Babuino to read data from/write data to any Modbus RTU Slave device.

Next release of Babuino software will provide us with full capability to set Babuino to work either as Modbus Master or Modbus Slave.

The way we should configure the Modbus network with available software (Cricket Logo, Logo Blocks) is not user friendly, but we will soon have an iconic based software supporting this and other upcoming new features.

I'll show how we can make Babuino a Modbus Master in next posts.

We will keep working in Babuino FREE/Open Source platform.

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