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September 05, 2009

What is Babuino Project?

Babuino Project is a plataform for teaching Programming Languages for kids, including Hardware, a LOGO interpreter and Programming Softwares.

There are many plataforms available.

Handy Cricket and its programming softwares (Cricket Logo and LogoBlocks) are a great teaching environment, once LogoBlocks is based on a graphics version of LOGO, but its price is a little bit prohibitive for brazilian reality.

GoGo Board is not sold, and considering the cost for building one, it is not the best alternative for us.

We chose the Arduino for our development. Arduino is an open-source hardware cheaper then Handy Cricket and Gogo Board, it is widely used, and there is an active community supporting it.

Our intention is to develop a Handy Cricket-, Gogo Board-compatible plataform to be used as a low-cost environment for teaching Programming Languages for kids. In doing so, we are able to use LogoBlocks and compatible softwares that are available for programming Handy Cricket and GoGo Board.

In addition to the Arduino board, there is an expansion board to be connected in the top of the Arduino that includes motor drivers, beeper and switch. This expansion board makes the Babuino Project an alternative, cheaper solution for Handy Cricket and GoGo board as a Robot development plataform.

The embedded software is a LOGO language interpreter, compatible with LogoBlocks and Cricket Logo.

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