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September 30, 2009

How to upload Babuino software to your Arduino


Things are getting interesting now.

I'll show you how you can download Babuino software to your Arduino board. This tutorial is based on the work done by Paulo Gonçalves when he started with Babuino.

First of all I'll list what you will need.

1. Arduino board
2. Software to upload the .hex file to your board using bootloader available in your Arduino microcontroller (atmega168 or atmega328)
3. Babuino software (babuino_v01.hex)
4. Babuino electrical interface (see previous post on this subject)

We have tried the free software ARP/Arduino Uploader (click here to download). Visit NGCoders for more info about the software.

Follow these steps for uploading the software to your Arduino:

1. Download, install and start ARP/Arduino Uploader
2. Connect your Arduino to COM/USB port as you usually do when using Arduino IDE
3. Browse for babuino_v01.hex file in Hex file to write field
4. Select your COM port as you usually do when using Arduino IDE
4.1 If you a using Atmega328p, replace 19200 by 57600 by editing the command line
5. Select the microcontroller you are currently using
6. Press Upload button

ARP/Arduino Uploader will start AVRDUDE and you will see the following window with programming process status.

7. Wait

After upload is 100% done with no error, you will have your Arduino programmed with Babuino software

8. Just reset your board and you will listen Babuino beep twice. Now you are ready to program your Babuino in LOGO language

I hope I have described the programming procedure easy enough for you to do it by yourself. If you can't do it or if I had missed anything, please let me know.

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  1. hi... this pretty cool stuff... but i am havin arduino duemilanove... is that ok..? ok ive downloaded the barbuino software.. what if i want to program normally as i am programing in arduino by writing codings in that... my question is will i lost my actual arduino nature if am using barbuino...?