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September 06, 2009

The Hardware

As I wrote in previous post, Babuino Project is based on the original Arduino board, Duemilanove version. It was not our purpose to change Arduino hardware and develop another xINO board. Our main idea is to keep the hardware as it is so anyone with an Arduino board can build a Balbuino spending few bucks.

Although we have used Arduino hardware, Bulbuino embedded software was developed with the free AVR Studio IDE and AVR Dragon emulator tool (check Atmel site for tools and software). These tools provide us with the capability to debug the software, mainly the LOGO interpreter.

The extension board that is connected in the top of the Arduino is easily build in a breadboard. We do not have the schematics, but it is our intention to have it posted here including bill of material.

Currently Babuino supports 2 motors, 4 analog/digital inputs, 1 serial communication port, a beeper, status LED, Run/Stop button, but we intend to have additional capabilities that are not supported by Handy Cricket or GoGo Board.

1 comment:

  1. Cool!

    I'm starting to try it, and if it goes well, I would like to extend it.

    Which IC you guys use for the motor driver, and where can I buy it?