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September 30, 2012

First Golden Lion Tamarin bot

This is the first GLT bot, and the first Babuino family member featuring servo motors.


Although Lizard and Babuino interpreter have been ported to TI Launchpad, I still need to finish some I/O functions. Since they are hardware specific, I need to code and test them one by one.

We will keep working to provide people with affordable, easy to use programming platforms. And now you have another option.

September 28, 2012

Babuino v4 and Golden Lion Tamarin


As I mentioned since I released v3, I planned to release a version based on an embedded operating system. An OS will allow us to add new features easily and to port Babuino to other hardware platforms.

I started this project but I really didn't have enough time to debug the system. And it gets more difficult to debug something you are not familiar with. So I just gave up to use any available RTOS and start writing mine.

In the past 4 months I've been working on Lizard OS. It is a lightweight RTOS for small footprint microcontrollers. And the first applications running on Lizard is the Babuino v4 for Arduino. I finished this project one month ago and it is under evaluation since then.

After I finished Bv4, I started porting Lizard do the TI MSP430 Launchpad. It was not easy to make Lizard + Babuino code fit the 512B RAM in MSP430G2553 microcontroller, but I finally did it. So, Golden Lion Tamarin is the newest member of Babuino Project. I am to finish GLT software this weekend and will start some tests. I'll let you know when it's done.

March 15, 2012

Creative Minds

Here is the logo for our new community. Creative Minds is the place where we can discuss about STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Start your own blog. Join and create groups. Contribute to Babuino and Darwin open-source projects. Chat with other users from everywhere in the world. Share photos, pictures, videos, files and much more.

March 14, 2012

New community: Creative Minds

Hello all,

I've been working in some projects, and now it is time to tell you about them.

The first one is a community I am launching: Creative Minds. A complete community solution full of features.

Creative Minds will be the main project, and from now on Babuino Project will be under Creative Minds.

I hope we can build a stronger community that will focus not in Babuino Project only, but in STEM! And I think Babuino Project deserves attention from a much larger community.

The second project is Darwin. Darwin is the new iconic-based programming language for Babuino. Darwin is under development, so I ask Babuino community to join this project and help me. In my opinion, it's new user interface based on MIT Openblocks is simply wonderful. Nice color scheme and design.

I'll start posting more about Darwin and it's source code in Creative Minds.

I am running the community by my own, so please tell me if you find something that must be changed.

Share this announcement with everyone you think would like to join our community. And as usual, I count on you!

December 07, 2010

100 members... and growing

We just reach 100 members in Babuino Project discussion group in Yahoo!

Our goal is to make Babuino the most innovative community on Free, Open Source platform for teaching Programming Languages, Technology, Robotics and Automation.

And there is much more coming soon.

We count on you!

To join Babuino Project discussion group click in the little monkey below.

Thank you.

Babuino in Open Source Bridge, Portland, 2010


The slideshow from Open Source Bridge Conference 2010 presented by Brett Nelson and Jim Larson is available in BabuinoBot home page.

To download the slides directly click in this link.

I'd like to thank Brett and Jim for their valuable contribution to Babuino Project.

Well done guys.

Thank you!

November 18, 2010

Babuino + BRTOS on Arduino

We started working together with BRTOS team to make Babuino integrated to BRTOS running on Arduino.
BRTOS is a real-time operating system for small microcontrollers. It is being ported to Atmega328p, and will be available in BRTOS Project Home Page.
You can find more information about BRTOS in BRTOS blog.